Classic Car – Era Of Change

Cars that have been manufactured before 1959 are most commonly called classic cars, however an exact definition is complicated as it a highly subjective matter because almost every car manufacturing Company has a different idea and definition for it, so do magazines, car clubs and associations all over the world. In general most cars that are old are considered to be some kind of classic by the general public.

One definition of the classic car is that it is build after the Great Depression in 1929 until the 70s when the era of modern cars emerged. You can generally distinguish them between pre and post world war 2.

Citroen Classic Car Big1

In the beginning before World War 2 cars with fenders and enclosed structures were very popular, a few years later car with trunks, storage and a sedan body  very among the most sold and produced. Ending this era of classic cars some popular models such as touring cars and phaetons got used and produced less and less.

The look of cars changed and V12 monocoque, flat-headed V8 engines, front Wheel transmission, specialized parts and other parts such as running boards and arms and headlights found its way into the car and paved the way for the new look of the classic car. During that time many car manufacturers went out of business mostly through mergers and acquisitions.

The following names are only a few of the famous classic cars of that time: Citroen Traction Avant,

Rolls Royce model Phantom III, Bugatti Type 57, Alvis Speed Model 20 and 25 and Ford V8.

The next evolution of the classic car can be seen after World War 2. Having suffered a great deal by both wars the car industry was on its knees. Big names had been vanished of destroyed greatly. It was time for new and different cars and models. Many new companies produced various and extravagant cars to leave their footprint.

Citroen Classic Big

Big surviving companies suddenly felt the need for family cars and that is why automobiles such as the Morris Minor, Rover P4 and the Ford Consul appeared successfully on the surface. In Europe and the United States the Volkswagen Beetle became a great succes due to its compact size and its shape. Beetle until today is an enormous success story.

Due to the neccesity of family cars that were compact suddenly Japanese automobile companies entered the market offering successfully their cars that fit the demand perfectly. One of the most popular cars during that time was the British “Mini” an all time classic and with its makeover a favourite still today.Other trending cars included sports cars such as various models from Porsche, Lancia and Ferrari. They were known for its excellent performance and great looks. Ending the classic car phase new cars were developed with high tech engines, twin V, bóxer engines and many more. The designs and technology became more advanced and focus was put on speed and power.



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