Citroën and its strenght: Family Cars

One thing is certain, carmaker Citroën has given us some spectacular and avantgarde car designs over the years. Starting with the the iconic Citroën 2CV and the Citroën DS from 1955 to many more innovative and even futuristic designs. Now in present days Citroën sticks to its methods and presents us yet another unique car, the Citroën C4 Cactus, a car for you and your family to enjoy at the fullest.

Cactus Family Car

Although the name might mislead you this car will probably be found amongst others of his class mostly on the supermarket parking space. Its iconic “airbumps” the plastic panels fixed to the doors sides serve as a protection againts for example supermarket shopping carts that have gone out of control. One thing is for certain this car surely is a head-turner and we will probably see equally many amazed and annoyed people by it. It comes with a “funky” looking inside, smart touch and seats that make you feel like at home on your couch.

Catching anyones attention are probably the outside bumps but more than that the cost at which this car is running and its innovations are what make it even more amazing. For example it does come with a roof mounted passenger airbag, in order to have a very competitive price the inside is kept simple. Some parts such as sun blinds and electric seats are left out in order to achieve this price and save weight. A panoramic glass roof can be purchased additonaly. Due to its light weight (200kg less than an equal C4) it should save you roughly 20pc compared to similar family cars from other car brands.

Cactus Family Car 2

Having tested the Cactus with and 1.6 litre engine (Diesel) it is supposed to need about 3.1 litres per 100 km and have a CO2 emission of only 89g/km. Prices for this jewel start at roughlty 18,000 Euro and go up to about 24,000 Euro ranging in engines power and equipment.

Being on the road the suspension makes you feel very at ease soaking up most of the big bumps and steering feels light and easy. Due to its body however wind and noise can be a bit up at times and be a bother. All in all Citroën has managed to create a stylish and innovative family car and surely not only people here in the United Kingdom but all over the world will like it. Soon we will see the Cactus all over the world, in the USA families and their pets, in Mexico familias and their Maskota and in France la famille and its animal de compagnie will be making tours in its brand new  Citroën Cactus C4.


Back on the Road: Citroën C4 Cactus Flair BlueHDi 100 , a review of this interesting car.

First thing that grabs your attention when looking at the Citroen Cactus are its sides that are covered by rubber panels that can be switched out and exchanged are commonly are called “air bumps”. These panels are not only a design clue but are also supposed to reduce accidents and the harm done by such. Being compact it does not have a four Wheel drive and is not equiped for “off road” tours. I would more put it in the city/family car section. By buying a Citroen Cactus you will definitely have the attention on your city making your daily tours in the city or during a trip to the countryside. Turning on your stereo in the car at a higher volumen the rubber panels are vibrating to the music which is a funny thing and one cannot be really sure if this is meant to be or just happens.

Citroen-Cactus Flair

Inside the car, control san control center are handled intuitively and without any big obstacles, the SatNavigation is a bit slower than usual and could interfere with your cel. Steering through the gears it went very smoothly, while the acceleration is not a highlight in the car manual it states “0-62mph in 10.6”, however driving mainly in urban áreas it never feels out of place or not fast enough. Even its relativily slow top speed of 114mph does not really bother you. It fulfills its purpose splendidly.

You can choose from various ranges with certain distinctions. For example model Flair has an front arm rest which gives direct Access to the parking brake. The interior is very original including a panoramic skylight, automatic air-con, lights and wipers.

Looking at the exterior, excluding the air bumpers we have already discussed at lenght previously, looks very nice. It is a mix between square and elegant with tinted back Windows, a slightly aggressive nose and elegant lights. A nice car for the youhgsters of today.