The race has begun: Citroen is building a brand new WRC C3 for the Rally World Cup in 2017

Before the Rally in Monte Carlo the next year Citroen want to be finished building and introducing its new Citroen C3 Rally Car for the World Cup. Testing is supposed to begin at the end of April in about a few weeks time.

Having data of many parts from the Citroen DS3 and other previous World Rally Cars this will then be the first time all parts are put together and we will see how that works out and to what extend everything will play together. Chances that everything works at once are probably very low and replacing parts (“fix” them) can probably tke several month so the timeline will be very tight for the french automobile manufacturer. The longest to fix will probably the engine so that one should be perfectly integrated from the beginning and other things probably adjunted around it. Building a brand new car has the advantage to create a way better and more competitive automobile but then it is way trickier as you can not get back to research data and experience from previous studies.

Citroen C3 WRC

Should Citroen not finish until the Rally Monte Carlo which is sheduled for January 2017 they are left with two choices, either start with an unfinished car which they have to “improve” throughout the season or they will finish the car before taking on any serious competition in 2017 and skip Monte Carlo. With all the testing that is supposed to begin and everything ahead it might just be a tight race for them.

Looking at the companies history it becomes evident that Citroen had quite some success in the rally sport in the past years. In 2007 the Citroen C4 WRC in its debut won first place, in 2011 the DS3 WRC won its second event on the tour and the Citroen Xsara in 2001 won after only 4 events. In order to focus on the future and the new car in progress there will be no Citroen Factory Team in 2016 to come back strongly in 2017 with the all new Citroen C3 WRC.